How event pros can stay ahead of big trends

Staying aheadIf you work in the events industry, chances are that you are very familiar with the current trends, as most of your clients will probably be asking for them.

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New Year inspiration with stylish design trends!

Seating trendsKick off the year with an introduction to a variety of stylish new international products for meeting and event professionals to help planners create captivating, engaging, and immersive environments.

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Best giveaways for events and exhibitions

Free Promotinal ItemsIt’s no secret that everyone likes a freebie. One sure-fire way to get visitors to your stand at an event is to give away free stuff.

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Unconference - breaking the traditional mould

UnconferenceIf you would like something that does the same job as a conference but that breaks the traditional mould, what you should investigate is the unconference. And we are good unconference planners.

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What not to pack

What not to packYou will find many articles out there detailing what you should pack for your travels, and the best way to pack your suitcase. But what about the things that you shouldn’t pack?

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6 Excel formulas, tips and tricks for event planners

ExcelExcel is the bane of many professional's existence and it is a godsend for many others. For event organisers who are interested in managing an event, there are often tools better suited for event planning tasks than Excel.

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Stretching your limits

Creative eventIf you are in the industry of creativity, you will be forgiven for feeling (at times) that your office is a playground and the people or objects around you, your tools for play.

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Creating a productive meeting agenda

Meeting AgendaYou land a meeting with your dream event client and you’re really excited about it, but you’re worried because you don’t know how to prepare a productive meeting agenda that makes you look like a pro.

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How conference networking improves participants’ brain health

Let's TalkBrain science research continues to prove that our brains function best when we’re engaged in meaningful We-centric conversations. We are a highly social species.

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20 years of creating order out of chaos!

Order out of chaosIn the past 20 years, our industry has changed greatly. When I look back I realise that what I use to do was simply plan a meeting, today we produce world class events.

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Become a great event planner – Learn to be creative

Creative ThinkingCreativity is the mother of all great and innovative ideas.

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