Creative ways to elevate collateral

LabelsHow can meeting planners create the kind of top-notch collateral that attendees have grown accustomed to while keeping a lid on ever-tighter budgets?

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Event website design principles you must know

WebsitesHaving a well set up event website is an efficient way to increase event registrations.

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Are you a Jurassic Park event manager?

Jurasic ParkWe recently read this comment by someone who called himself a “member of the Jurassic Park class of event managers” ...

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LED versus wax candles for events

LED lightsThere’s no doubt that candles are one of the most used decor pieces across all types of events. From tapers to pillars to votives, candles are a great tool for adding some mood lighting to any space.

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Event Professionals: Using different words for more powerful communication

WordsWords connect us, and when the right words are used, they deepen those connections. For meeting professionals trying to connect with our attendees, production teams, and property staff—all of whom are as busy as you are—you need to be able to not only get their attention, but do it quickly!

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The (Blurry) Boundaries of Creative Ownership

CreativityCreative output, in the age of Internet searches for event resources, has become perhaps the highest event currency these days.

It’s fantastic when we as an industry get compensated for our creative talents.

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Events: The Latest Colour Trends for 2016

PantineEvents are going to get a lot bolder in 2016 - with metallics, patterns, and the latest decor colours.

There will be plenty of new looks and different colour combinations to get excited about this year.

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Create an Inspiring Small Business Event

Small eventEvent planners who work with virtually unlimited budgets, which are often large corporations with money to spend; make it easy to create an event that has the Wow! factor at every turn.

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The Case for Twitter

TwitterIt’s easier than you think make Twitter work for you.

As a social media manager, a critical part of my role is to coach professionals on the best social media platforms and techniques for their goals.

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Industry professionals need creative 'Time-out'

Being creativeEvent planners should be encouraged to take time off work to foster their creativity, says Leeds Beckett University senior event lecturer.

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Imaginative Icebreakers Using Event Name Badges

Event BadgesIt can take a few minutes to feel comfortable enough to start a conversation with someone you don’t know.

The time it takes for guests to feel comfortable enough with one another to engage in relevant conversations wastes time meant for networking.

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