How to organise corporate events

ConferenceIf you have an interest in becoming an event organiser, running an event for your company is a great way to get started.  Corporate events can include anything from internal meetings, parties and team building through to client events, conferences and awards.

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The Oscars 2017 faux pas!

Oscars 2017The Oscars 2017 will go down in history for the wrong coronation of the Best Picture award. How can such a simple mistake have an incredible impact and most of all, how can you avoid it at your next event?

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5 Tips for a successful first site inspection

InspectionSite inspections are the last check before you make your final decision on a hotel for your meeting, event or conference.

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Event planners: How to write and deliver a confident elevator pitch

Elevator PitchYou’re on your way to a networking event with competing emotions of excitement and nervousness. Whether it is your first event or hundredth event, the mixed emotions seem familiar every time.

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The 10 essentials of conscious event management


Are you ready for an event which will touch the hearts of the participants. An event that will lead to real connections. An event that will make you smile while you are organising it?

Then apply the following 10 essentials of conscious event management:

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Qualities every great event planner should possess

Stay CalmAre you planning on becoming an event planner, but you do not know, whether your professional profile fits the job? Look no further. Here we describe qualities that will help you become not just an event planner, but a great event planner!

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How you can become a productivity event superhero

SuperheroWe all wish we could fold time so we could have twice as many hours to whittle down our constantly growing to-do list. And guess what? While you can’t actually change the space-time continuum, you can develop a system based on your own unique qualities that will make it feel like you can.

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Putting management back into events

ManagementWhen clients create a request for a proposal (RFP) or a tender for events management, it is vital that they understand that the nature and scope of work that an experienced events management team can offer far outweighs those services offered by venue finders or travel agents.

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Value of B2B events

Business2BusinessAttending a show, exhibition or conference provides attendees with opportunities for businesses to connect with another, build relationships, make contacts and sign business agreements through such networking.

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How to host a successful campfire session

Campfire meetingsLearning comes in many forms and that’s important to remember when building your event or conference program. Your first instinct to foster learning for all of your attendees might be to change up the content itself or to add new technology to keep engagement up.

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Building "Content Moments" into events

ContentThe key to creating an emotional connection with your potential clientele is through experience-based marketing.

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