Whose armrest is it, anyway?

ArmrestThe unspoken etiquette of airline, bus and train travel!

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6 Characteristics of a Successful Female Meeting Professional

GuidanceeWomen have a hard enough time in the meetings industry — given the lingering gap in what women earn versus their male counterparts, and fewer strong women in leadership positions than there should be — without competing with each other.

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How to reach out to a really old contact — and make a positive impression

ConnectingAccording to Statista.com, 87% of LinkedIn users have over 101 connections, and one-quarter of all users have between 500 and 999 connections.

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Consider cultural differences or risk causing offence

Audience2In a recent education session at IMEX 2016, MCI’s group learning and development director, Avinash Chandarana, challenged event professionals to start thinking more about cultural differences when planning their international events, something he says people don’t consider enough.

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Planning Meetings Abroad? Learn a Bit of Local Language

LanguageWhen I travelled to South America for the first time in my professional career last year, I realised just how powerful language is.

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Business Etiquette for Corporate Events

RSVPAppropriate business etiquette is expected of everyone, especially at corporate events.

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Understanding the Impact of Cross-Cultural Differences

CulturesWhat could be wrong with sipping vodka in Russia? Or with eating with your left hand in India, or with patting the back of a colleague in Korea to thank them for a "job well done"?

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5 Tasks To Complete After Every Event

ExhaustedThe event has come to an end and there are now other pressing matters to attend to. 

But, before you move on it's vital to complete and close the file of the last event.

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Useful Tips for Good Manners at Meetings and Social Events

Meeting MannersAppropriate business etiquette is expected of everyone, especially at corporate events.

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International Considerations for Meetings

TravellerWhether you are playing host to those from international branches of the company or you are receiving a foreign client as a visitor it is important to remember that special considerations should be made when hosting an international meeting.

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Cultural considerations : Meeting and greeting guests

Cultural ConsiderationsKripen Dhrona, Marketing and Events Manager at London's Enterprise Hotel, which attracts a multi-cultural mix of clients and guests, has been in the meetings and events business for 15 years.

Here he shares his views on how we can work together with respect and consideration.

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Mind the Gaffe – Tread with Care!

Etiquette IndiaAs the world shifts on its axis, international associations are starting to explore new territories. Increasingly they are holding events in emerging economies hoping to convert delegates into members.

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Etiquette Do's and Don'ts

EtiquetteBest-selling author of the Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands business etiquette series, Terri Morrison, says “You can’t expect everyone to abide by your sensibilities when you travel abroad and you must understand what’s appropriate to their cultures.”

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