Hotel supplied AV is a major No-No

With tighter budgets being the new norm, conference organisers today are often tasked with seeking out lower cost alternatives or even to avoid certain budget items from the conference planning process altogether.

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9 Tech tips for your event production checklist

Event Set upThere’s a lot to remember when producing an event. My team has decades of experience to pull from as well as a finger on the pulse of today’s event world.

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Stunning new plug and play posters!

ScreensAre the days of pull up banners numbered ? Over 100 units of iMira screen are on their way to South Africa as part of the Gearhouse Group’s year-end technology upgrade. The new screens are scheduled to arrive ahead of the festive season events and New Year’s functions.

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Listen up: What you need to know about sound checks

Sound ChecksThe sound check may not be the most glamorous item on your event checklist, but it is one of the most important. Without smoothly functioning audiovisual, your speakers’ messages will be lost.

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Overcoming global AV meeting and event challenges

TechnicalMeeting planners who can execute flawless events domestically or elsewhere are a cut above the rest.

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Lighting more than plays its part!

LightingNo matter the venue, event lighting is crucial when it comes to setting the mood for your client’s function, so it’s important to use what best fits the requirements of the space.

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Staying Within Your AV Budget?

Audiovisuals at eventsStaying within budget is always a major concern for meeting and event planners.

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How to get the best Sound at your Event

SoundThe primacy and importance of sound in everyday life is obvious, yet the process of creating an aural presence at an event with excellent results is not widely understood outside of technical circles.

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4 Things Every Speaker Should Know About AV

MicrophonesWhile meeting and event planners do everything they can to extract the best performances from their invited speakers, the reality is that even the most naturally gifted and well-prepared speaker can, go off the rails after a single technical glitch.

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Event Technology - Top 5 Easily Missed Requirements

Event TechnologyInspiration isn’t the struggle – it’s the implementation.

Event professionals have an abundance of apps, devices, and services at their beck and call, with new and exciting technologies reaching maturity every week.

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Your Ultimate AV Checklist

AV LightsWhen I first started my company in high school, I did not have the luxury of owning all of my own equipment or having a staff big enough to execute the massive events I was producing, because of this I had to hire a lot of AV and event production companies.

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When You're Using a Microphone ...

MicrophonesTips to make sure that everyone is heard during your next event or conference.

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Need to Know About Event Lighting ?

Event LightingGetting the lighting right is a crucially important aspect for events of all types and sizes.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Meeting With Event Technology

LightingHow to use lighting, flat-panel displays, and interactive technology to make your events more engaging.

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Case Study : TechRig scores in Barcelona

TechrigTechRig is South Africa's foremost technical solutions agency that delivers the highest level of expertise with professional technical equipment in a global arena.

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How well do you know your AV team?

AudiovisualAs AV professionals, it’s our job to make your job easier.

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Embracing Mobile Apps for all kinds of Events

Mobile AppsEvent apps are becoming central to the planning, delivery, effectiveness and participation rates of corporate events and meetings. 

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Must-Dos for Great Event Production

Event Lighting

Review these areas of light, sound, and staging with your production company to ensure your meeting message gets delivered with punch.

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Wide-screen presentations create Engaging Events

Wide Screen PresentationsOne of the biggest challenges for any conference organiser is to ensure you meet your return on investment (ROI).

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Wi-Fi Wars Continue

WiFiAs wireless devices become ubiquitous, hotels are facing more demands on their Wi-Fi infrastructure during meetings.

“It’s a matter of allowing the planner and the attendees to use their technology the same way they would be able to at work or home,” says a meetings technology educator and conference speaker.

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