The key to pricing your work and knowing your value

CommissionsYou’re great at what you do and there’s no question about it. Shouldn’t you be charging accordingly?

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This can't be happening to me!

Losing moneyYou are a Meeting Professional and you get THE CALL.

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Event Planners: Budgets and Tips to stay on Track.

ReceiptsIf you love bookkeeping, put your hand up. Thought so!

Let's be honest, the majority of us cringe at the thought of creating (and maintaining) an event budget, even though it's an integral part of being a successful event planner.

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Lessons That Will Save Money On Your Next Meeting

CalculatingIt’s the word that keeps you up at night. It’s the subject of countless meetings and conference calls.

It’s on every meeting planner’s mind.  The budget!

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Ten top tips for Running Events on a Budget

Catering StationHerewith a number of creative ideas for planning events on a budget.

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